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August 2009



I just completed the last 5 miniatures and have added the last pictures to Mike’s Gallery. Here’s a shot, the rest are in gallery.

Home Stretch

The completed figures were sent out and now in Mike’s hands while I finish up the last 3 figures. If things stay on track then those last 5 will be in the mail this week.


Six More Pictures

I’ve just mailed off 20 of the completed figures to Mike and here’s a shot of one of them.

Over the Hump

Work continues and there’s seven left to complete of the original twenty five. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up this week, maybe tomorrow. If things continue at this pace then I should be complete by next week.


Progress to Show

So far I have 14 completed figures for Mike of the 25 he sent me. I just setup another gallery where I’ve posted those finished figures that you can view by clicking here.