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April 2010


Style, You Have Any?

If you’ve been following my blog then you know I’ve been working on figuring out a style with my Marines that works for me. I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ve found it but I feel I’m on the path at least. With my Orks I play pretty much…Read More


Fate’s Angels Squeek Out a Win

With ‘ard Boyz being next month everyone at the shop is getting ready for it, well except for a few of us. So, I’ve been showing up with 2,500 point lists to play against those who are going to enter. Last night I got to play Brian, an Ultramarine player,…Read More


Test Figure – Update

The last shot wasn’t 100% complete and Joe liked what he saw but wanted a few things done. I’ve done that, highlighted the bolter now (except what will be metallic), did a simple highlight on the right shoulder and highlighted under the eye lenses. Here’s the finished product.

Painting Update

Progress has been a bit lower than I’d like but progress is progress. The first unit always takes longer since I’m working out the technique I plan to use for the entire army and refining my approach. That being said, the 10-man Veteran Squad is now complete. I should have…Read More

Pampered Chef

Shamless Plug

My wife does Pampered Chef on the side and she wanted me to pass this along. Help me make my wish come true…and your April order could be magical for YOU, too! WOW…Pampered Chef is going to grant one lucky Consultant an overnight stay at Cinderella’s Castle! I’m ONLY $350…Read More

Wrong Way

I Need a Direction

Last night I got in two games using my Marines. Both games were against fellow Marines and both games were losses. My record is far from great with my Marines. I love the fluff, I enjoy the modeling and I like the models themselves but I just can’t seem to…Read More