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June 2010

For the Emperor!

Well, the fun part of owning more than one army is, well, playing more than one army. I’ve been running my Orks hard for the past few months and it’s time they take a break. For the Emperor!

Site Updates – Bear With Me

I’ve updated the blog to the newest version and with it comes a lot of great things. I’m in the process of setting up the theme and changing the way things look. The theme I was using was a bit intensive and I’m hoping the stock theme will work out…Read More

Howdy Crossroad’s Folks!

I’ve noticed over this past month that I’ve had a lot of viewers finding this site from the Crossroad’s forums. So first off, welcome and hopefully you haven’t found the mean things I’ve said about you all on the site. Just kidding…I think. Secondly, if any of you are potentially…Read More


Week #3 – June’s Tournament

Last night was the final night for the ongoing tournament. I’m not feeling up to writing a narrative battle report so here’s the breakdown. I played two games last night. My first game was against the best Ork player at the shop, also one of the best players at the…Read More


Week #2 – June’s Tournament

I played the second game last night of the ongoing tournament. My opponent was a Marine player, another person just getting back into the game. The mission involved six objectives, of which only three were real objectives. On turn 2, 4 and 6 you had to roll to see which…Read More