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July 2010

Ah, the Weekend

It appears I won’t be gone this weekend as originally planned. Hopefully that means I’ll be able to catch up on some painting for Joe. Life has kept me from it the past week. Why can’t weekends be four days long?

July’s 1,850 Tournament Results

Another long and mentally tiring game of moving plastic models around a table and rolling dice. I didn’t fair poorly but I did not win the tournament and did not win any consolation prizes either, IE: best army, best sport and…there was another one. For the day I went 2-1,…Read More

Off I Go

Today the 1,850 tournament at Crossroad Games commences at noon. Because of ‘ard Boyz, I have not played in a tournament since March, so I’m looking forward to today. Time to print off the army list and gather the Boyz into the transport. Waaagh!