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July 2010

Ah, the Weekend

It appears I won’t be gone this weekend as originally planned. Hopefully that means I’ll be able to catch up on some painting for Joe. Life has kept me from it the past week. Why can’t weekends be four days long?

The Long Haul

Mission Idea #1: The Long Haul

When it comes to tournaments at the LGS I play at, we always end up playing the same missions over and over. There’s about six of them and they are recycled every month. They get mixed up a bit but still the same old ones we’ve played countless times. I…Read More


Forums, Blogs or Both?

Last month Blood of Kittens put up an article, Meat for Meta: 40k forums a thing of the Past?, and lately I’ve been thinking about it more. Let’s travel back in time a bit, the year is 1999. I’m running a clan/guild called Destroyers of Hope. I want us to…Read More

Heavy Bolter

Space Marine Coming to the PC

I first saw a leaked demo of this game over a year ago now and was impressed by what I had seen. Since that leaked demo I have seen official video releases and they were all stunning.

Path of the Warrior

Book Review: Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe

I’m not one normally for book reviews. I thoroughly enjoy reading, only 40K as a hobby takes up more time than reading, but I’m not an English or literature expert and thus the technicalities elude me. That being said, here’s my humble opinion on “Path of the Warrior” by Gav…Read More


Lessons Learned: Kommandos

Kommandos have always been a favorite unit of mine, especially with Snikrot. They’re a unit that as soon as I put into my list the list becomes exciting for me. For a while I had not fielded them and I couldn’t honestly recall why. After this month’s tournament I recalled…Read More