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August 2010


Blog: Finding My Voice

I began this blog over a year ago as a platform for commission painting. This past February I decided to start posting about 40K and try and bring this blog into the mighty 40K blogosphere. Surprisingly I’ve managed to hammer through six months of posting my musings and ramblings, making…Read More


Weekend Wrap-up: Paint and Play

I had some stuff I wanted to post up over the week but for one reason or another it never happened. So, introducing the Weekend Wrapup, where I post random stuff from the week that I forgot about, wasn’t really worth posting on its own, or I just feel like…Read More


My Change of View on Army Composition

Those who read regularly know that attending tournaments is still pretty new for me and I’ve only attended ones held at the LGS. The first one I attended was overwhelming. I show up last minute with an army I threw together in 10 minutes and get handed a scoring sheet….Read More


Big Mek Seeking Grot Oilers

As some of you are aware, I’m a programmer by trade. What do programmers do for fun, well other than 40K? We program! Long story short, I created a program much like Army Builder but web based. In the end I gave up on it despite decent progress. It was…Read More

Crossroad Games

August Tournament Results

Crossroad Games, the LGS I play at, was having a store anniversary this weekend with lots of stuff going on and one event was a 1,750 tournament for 40K. There was no entry fee and my plans allowed for me to attend so I headed down there yesterday. I had…Read More