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November 2010


1,850 Shrike List v2.0 (Updated)

After taking two losses last week with my first version of a Shrike list, I’ve made a few small changes. I feel the list itself was pretty solid, nothing is ever perfect though, and with some practice things will smooth out. So, here’s an 1,850 list that I’m hoping to…Read More


Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

And I got stomped. Played two games last night at the LGS and was trying out my Shrike list. I had swapped out the Predator in that list for Scouts in a Storm, in the 2K list, and my 1,850 list was that same minus the Scouts and Storm. First…Read More

Hurricane Bolter

Hurricane Bolter on an Ironclad Dreadnought

When I first got the Marine codex and fell in love with the Ironclad I wondered why anyone would put a hurricane bolter on it. You trade off the three attacks for two and three attacks is an appealing stat. Having the dreadnought arm still gives you a weapon with…Read More


Life, Why Must You Interfere With 40K?

As the lack of articles has surely indicated, I’ve been busy. Work is non-stop and life outside of work has been full of various activities and events. My brain has become fried and ideas for articles are fleeting or non-existent. I’d hate to put up half-assed articles as filler until…Read More


Space Marines: A Rough 2,000pt Shrike List

Yesterday I was thinking out loud about some of my thoughts on a Marine list and my need to find something interesting. One of the special characters I mentioned was Shrike and so I’ve since created a rough idea of a list with Shrike. Now, personally I’m a big fan…Read More


Space Marines: Thinking Out Loud

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that what I need for my Space Marines to make them more interesting for me to play and, hopefully, do better with them is a special character. I thoroughly enjoy the Space Marine fluff, the mindset, everything about them really, but I continually…Read More