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December 2010


Rok Da Vote: Wot’s Dis?

In an attempt to get more voters I have moved the polls to the top right of the site. It was previously buried and hard to spot. I had been running some random polls, some for about eight months, and those are now all closed and here are those results:…Read More


January Team Tourney: 1250 Point Tau List

Team tournaments are always fun. I like being partnered up with a random person. The idea of not knowing what half your army is going to consist of prior to entering battle is enormously challenging. Four generals combining and pitting brain power and list power over three games of Warhammer…Read More


Thrown Into the Deep End…With the Sharks.

Hello Everyone, First off, I should introduce myself. I am TheNoob, and am the latest (unpaid) intern to join the mighty Thor’s staff here at Creative Twilight. I’ll be mostly focusing on my continuing exploits as our group’s jaded Tau commander, as well as my budding interest in the Sons…Read More


Quick Report: Another Team Tournament Practice

Last night we got in another practice game for the upcoming team tournament at Crossroad Games. The tournament will be 1,250 per-player and has a restricted forge organization: 1 HQ, 0-1 Elites, 1-3 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support. You can double up one of the 0-1 slots. Oh,…Read More


Lessons Learned: Play to Your Strengths

I absolutely love my Orks. I’m a sucker for brute strength. It doesn’t matter what the game is, I will always play whatever the hulking brutes are. I’m a believer in the Ork philosophy of “might makes right”. That’s why playing Orks as my first army was an easy choice….Read More


Blogging Tips: Improving Your Traffic (Part 1)

I’ve only been really blogging for about 10 months, however my full time job is as a PHP programmer for a web hosting company. I may still be learning about blogging but I have good knowledge regarding the technical side of things. So, I thought I’d start a helpful little…Read More