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January 2011

Battlefield Superiority

Mission: Battlefield Superiority (Updated)

I have been wanting to create a new mission for a while and finally got around to it. I’ve written a bunch of other missions that we use at the LGS for tournaments and campaigns. This one is to add to that library so we can keep rotating missions around….Read More

Cold Bird

Weekly Wrap-up: Brrrrr

In non-blogging related news, Monday we had a really cold day here in Maine, starting the morning off at -20 fahrenheit. My wife got home and the heat wasn’t working on the 2nd floor so I called the plumber/heating guy. I figured it was a zone control valve since the…Read More


Campaign Report: 1,850 for Week #3

Last night was out third week in the campaign at the LGS. We ran an 1,850 game playing my mission King of the Hill. We had 10 players last night, five on each team, and we rolled for random opponents. As luck would have it I got to play the…Read More


Army List: 1,850 With Shrike

To bring some of you up to speed if you don’t read here regularly. Lately I’ve been playing with Shrike and have really enjoyed what he offers to my army. I’ve been toying around with different lists just to feel things out. Right now I’m not after the most super-competitive…Read More