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March 2011

April Tournament: Tau Test List Version 2

This has grown out of my previous incarnation of my list as an attempt to get more delaying units and more plasma shots in my army. While still not an “internet approved” list, it is alot better for our local meta than the first list I think. HQ Shas’el –…Read More

Fight Club

Weekly Battle: March 30th – Purging Xenos

Instead of doing a full blown battle report I figured I’d chat a bit about the stuff I was trying out. I played against Tau last night and I brought Fate’s Angels, my Marines. Since I had redone Attack and Defend I wanted to test it out. In short, the…Read More

King of the Hill

Mission: King of the Hill v3.0

As I did with Attack and Defend, I’m updating this mission to remove the game turn point conditions and adding end of game win conditions.