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April 2011

Grey Knights

Weekly Battle Report: First Battle Against Grey Knights

I brought Fate’s Angels, my Marines, and faced Grey Knights last night. I had a test list I was trying out that was more shooting oriented than I normally run, which I figured would be handy since he had a large 10-man Paladin Squad and I certainly wasn’t going to…Read More

Sneaky Cat

My Experiences with Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike

Let me preface this by saying this is not an all-inclusive tactica on using Shrike. I have used him for a while and this is about my experiences with him, the good and the bad, and some advice. I’m not going to justify using him, his point efficiency, etc. One…Read More

Evil Easter Bunny

April Tournament Report: Snow…Seriously?

It was raining in the morning and by the time I got to the LGS for the monthly tournament it was snowing. Even for Maine that’s uncharacteristic and it did clear off later in the day and go figure, the next day was damn near 70 degrees. It is a…Read More

Happy Easter Bunny

Happy Easter

Yesterday myself and EvantheNoob headed down to the LGS for the monthly tournament. I’d write my report on it today but it’s Easter, so hope everyone has a great Easter and look for my report, and Evan’s, early in the week.