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June 2011


News: A Milestone and You All Rock

A lot of blogs mark milestones. Generally it’s not something I bother doing. I’m a very quiet person who is very modest with my own accomplishments, whatever they area. However, this milestone is all about the readers of this blog. Despite the above, I do need to give some info…Read More


Know when to hold em

Last Wednesday I got a 1500 point game in against Amberclad. I brought out my Grey Knights and he fielded his Dark Eldar. You may not know this but Amberclad is kind of a big deal. I will also tell you that I have beat him, more than once. However…Read More

Chaos Marines

Random: The Dark Gods Have Answered

This past weekend my wife and I had gone to see my in-laws. We were running around Saturday night and my wife asked to stop at Goodwill. I reluctantly agreed as I know she enjoys shopping there. I hate shopping. I’m one of those people who goes into a store…Read More

Team Edward

Weekly Battle: Fate’s Angels vs Team Edward

Wednesday night I got in a game against Blood Angels, an army I routinely have problems dealing with effectively. We ran a 2,500 game to try to work out some ‘ard Boyz ideas. Here’s the list I put together.

Double Mint

Weekly Wrap-up: Two Weeks in a Row!

First time in a long time I put up a Wrap-up for two consecutive weeks. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot going on this week. I put up a battle report of the LGS’ June tournament. It was a team tournament, which is always fun and myself and my partner managed…Read More


Kamui’s Summer Challenge 2011: Introduction

For a long time now I’ve been forming the vision of my marines reborn.  I’ve been tweaking my fluff to match with current canon and gathering some of the models I wanted to include.  It looks like I’m going to have some extra modeling time during July and August so…Read More