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June 2011

News: A Milestone and You All Rock

A lot of blogs mark milestones. Generally it’s not something I bother doing. I’m a very quiet person who is very modest with my own accomplishments, whatever they area. However, this milestone is all about the readers of this blog. Despite the above, I do need to give some info…Read More

Kamui’s Summer Challenge 2011: Introduction

For a long time now I’ve been forming the vision of my marines reborn.  I’ve been tweaking my fluff to match with current canon and gathering some of the models I wanted to include.  It looks like I’m going to have some extra modeling time during July and August so…Read More

Confrontation: Table Top Judo

Hello all Stealthy Stealth here a new contributor on Creative Twilight and I am here to talk about confrontation. Now this isn’t the standard battle between little pirates, ninjas, aliens, zombies, vampires and robots. Its the battle that goes on between the players wielding these forces. Everyone who plays 40K…Read More