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May 2012


Feast of Blades

Look like FLGS Crossroads Games is going to be a feeder event for Feast Of Blades. I am going to give this my best shot and start preparing. I am saying it right now I want to be on the top table. Over the next week I am going to…Read More


Introspection: The Road to Redemption

I mentioned Sunday about a long streak of bad luck, well that streak continues this week. I faced off against Khorne Inquisitor last night and his mono-Khorne Daemons and I was tabled by turn #6. I would love to blame my list or my dice but the reality is neither…Read More

Blood Bowl: Chaos Beastmen

Blood Bowl: My First Team

We’re slowly getting some interest in Blood Bowl at my FLGS and since I absolutely love the game I figured it was time to get a team ready for tabletop action. I decided on a Chaos team and I’m in the process of buying the figures I need. I’m snagging…Read More

40K 5th Edition

40K 5th Edition: I Knew You Well

There’s no denying that 6th edition for 40K is around the corner. The rulebooks for 5th are now off the shelves and maybe in a few weeks GW will finally throw us a bone of information about what we’ll be expecting in the newest rule set and I honestly can’t…Read More

Chaos: Sad Face

Chaos Marines: Quick Tournament Report & Pondering

Yesterday my FLGS held an 1,850 tournament that allowed Imperial Armor. I brought along Chaos Marines using this list: The list was an experiment. I’ve never thrown down a real death star unit and wanted to give it go. I only managed a few practice games with it before…Read More