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May 2012

Reavers Tournament Report: The importance of doing your homework!

Hello all, I played in a tournament at the flgs this weekend and it was certainly not one of my better showings.  This was an 1850 event with 40k approved Imperial Armor units allowed (the same event Thor posted about on Sunday.)  Forgeworld models were required, no conversions or scratch…Read More

Chaos Marines: Quick Tournament Report & Pondering

Yesterday my FLGS held an 1,850 tournament that allowed Imperial Armor. I brought along Chaos Marines using this list: . The list was an experiment. I’ve never thrown down a real death star unit and wanted to give it go. I only managed a few practice games with it before…Read More

Battle Report: 40K with Chaos and a Blood Bowl Match

You ever have a terrible string of games where no matter what you do things just don’t go right? That has been my last 6-weeks in a nutshell with 40K games. That’s not to say I haven’t made mistakes or deserved the losses I’ve taken, however the dice gods are…Read More