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September 2012

Battle Report: 1,750 Tournament

Saturday was my FLGS’ monthly tournament for 40K. It was 1,750 and here’s the list I brought along. In my earlier practices I realized that my troop selection was too small and I wanted to bulk that out. Often the problem with the current Chaos codex, in order to do…Read More

How do you find the time?

Hello all, Well, another week has passed and I find myself with very little to show in the way of hobby progress.  I’ve managed to finish cleaning mold lines from my lootas and grot bots, add some basing texture, and prime them all.  I also manage to paint a little…Read More

Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince #2 (WIP #2)

A few days ago I put up some shots of my last Daemon Prince all ready for priming. He’s since been primed and is now in the early stages of painting. Here’s a few quick shots of him. Usual disclaimer, lighting kind of sucks as it’s early morning and these…Read More