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September 2012

Mission: Divide & Conquer

Mission: Divide & Conquer v1.1.1

Clarifying victory points and tightening up the points gained on quaternary. Also further clarifying spearhead deployment with regards to 6th. You can get a print friendly version here.

Search and Destroy

Mission: Search and Destroy v1.1.1

Making some clarifications on this one regarding the secondary and quaternary missions. You can download this or get a printer friendly version here.


Mission: Recovery v2.1.1

Just doing some cleanup on this one regarding the primary mission. Misuse of a plural keeps confusing people, and understandably so. Also changing up the deployment. You can easily download or print this mission from here.

Daemon Prince #2 - WIP1

Thor’s Workbench: Daemon Prince #2 (WIP #3)

This Daemon Prince is taking way longer than I had anticipated – typical. I wasn’t sure what color to do his skin when someone suggested I do the inverse of my other Daemon Prince and I thought it was a great idea. To the left is where I left off…Read More

Battle Report: September 2012

Battle Report: 1,750 Tournament

Saturday was my FLGS’ monthly tournament for 40K. It was 1,750 and here’s the list I brought along. In my earlier practices I realized that my troop selection was too small and I wanted to bulk that out. Often the problem with the current Chaos codex, in order to do…Read More


How do you find the time?

Hello all, Well, another week has passed and I find myself with very little to show in the way of hobby progress.  I’ve managed to finish cleaning mold lines from my lootas and grot bots, add some basing texture, and prime them all.  I also manage to paint a little…Read More