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November 2012

Huron Blackheart

Battle Review: Chaos vs Chaos

I’m going to start calling these battle reviews instead of battle reports; these articles that are glossing over a game for the sake of reviewing units and or my list. Wednesday night I brought along my Chaos Marines and fought Chaos Marines in a 1,500 point game. This is the…Read More

Kamui’s Showcase: Swooping Hawks

Hello all, I’m taking new pictures of my finished models.  I have a new camera and in addition to getting better pictures of my collection I am using this as an opportunity to improve my photography skills.  Here is a squad of Swooping Hawks that I painted up a while…Read More

Kamui’s Workbench: Tankbusta’s WIP

Hello All, Between the holiday and some projects around the house I haven’t been particularly productive on the hobby front.  I have managed to put some work into a mob of tankbustas.  These were the victim of a painting experiment that didn’t quite succeed, but at least I will be…Read More

The only thing more awesome then these models is their price tag...

Forge World : Working with Resin

There are gifted modelers, who work with different materials such as plastic, resin and green stuff… Thor is one of those. Then, there are the rest of us. One of the things I like about 40k is the background, including the Horus Heresy. That means either acquiring insane modeling skills,…Read More