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Cosplayer Amy Thunderhawk and Kickstarter

  I’m happy to announce that cosplayer Amy Thunderhawk has joined the team to produce my next novel, Hungry Gods.  (A story of superheroes, conspiracies, and zombies — right up your alley, wouldn’t you say?) She will be the model/cover girl for the book by portraying the beautiful badass of the story, Silk Spider. …Read More

Screw 7th Edition: Warhammer 40K 6.5 Edition

(Note that the curses and ideas of one raving lunatic do not necessarily reflect those of Creative Twilight itself.) With 7th edition Warhammer 40K looming on the horizon, my blood boiling and pocket book moaning, I have come up with some suggested rule fixin’s that will neutralize the need for such…Read More

Eldar Jetbikes: a Tactica

(image obtained from this site) Consider me a missionary from a far away craftworld, determined to bring Eldar to the heathens of non-Eldar players. Eldar were my first 40K army way back in the 80s, and so I still felt an affinity for them when I started getting back into it…Read More

Space Wolf Adventure: “Hunted”

Space Wolves, Traitor Guard, and Night Lords, oh my! Inspired by Thor’s recent 40K storytelling here on Creative Twilight, I’ve decided to repost my Space Wolf fan fiction story, Hunted.  This is the story of Volstag Dragonclaw, a Space Wolf of the Warhammer 40K universe, a brutal but loyal Chapter of Space Marines.  He is…Read More