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Various resources for getting help on the tabletop. We have strategy & tactics and guides and tips, including stuff for beginners.


6th Edition

Lukas here, that cheesy Necron guy. I’ve finally gotten back to writing. Obviously with the release of 6th it becomes a little difficult to talk “strategy” when it comes to Necrons. And that is one of the few things I dislike about this edition of rules. However, in my opinion…Read More


Warmaster – Dwarven Foot Cavalry

Warmaster is arguably one of the best games Gamesworkshop has ever made.  In scale, it is to Warhammer what Warhammer is to Mordhiem in scale.  Just like with real life conflicts, when you start getting to the larger scale, Command and Control is much more important then practically anything else…Read More

The only thing more awesome then these models is their price tag...

Forge World : Working with Resin

There are gifted modelers, who work with different materials such as plastic, resin and green stuff… Thor is one of those. Then, there are the rest of us. One of the things I like about 40k is the background, including the Horus Heresy. That means either acquiring insane modeling skills,…Read More

gunz blazin

Flash Gitz in 6th, are they any good yet?

Hello all, As I map out my switch back to the orks I find myself thinking about one of the more maligned units in the codex – Flash Gitz.  I like the idea of armored, heavily armed freebooters.  The modelling opportunities alone almost make them worth fielding.  However they’ve largely…Read More

friends for life

Reavers Allies: Eldar

Hello all, Last week I posted my thoughts on taking Space Marines as allies for my Reavers (Space Wolves) army, allowing me to represent the machine sect within the Reavers chapter.  I was thinking of it as a way to add some subtle flavor and tactical flexibility to the chapter,…Read More

6th Edition Learning

Tips for Learning 6th Edition Rules

Those of us transitioning from 5th to 6th have our work cut out for us. It’s really easy to carry over rules we knew from 5th into 6th without thinking about it. Trying to forget everything you know (well not everything), and have learned from the past four years of…Read More