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Explanations and guides to help you get better with wargaming. Read up on specific armies, unit choices, wargear selections and more.

Paint Brushes

Painting Aside: Pick an Element

I originally had this on one of my workbench posts but figured it warranted its own little article. It’s not an earth shattering painting tip but something I felt was worth sharing. One thing I do on models that I’m not going to put 110% effort into is this. I…Read More

6th Edition Learning

Tips for Learning 6th Edition Rules

Those of us transitioning from 5th to 6th have our work cut out for us. It’s really easy to carry over rules we knew from 5th into 6th without thinking about it. Trying to forget everything you know (well not everything), and have learned from the past four years of…Read More

What Are You Doing?

What?! What! What? Wait…

First up, sorry I’m a week late…work happened :) . Also, here’s the first part of the series. Secondly, and far more importantly, what do I mean by ‘what’ in the context of creating a community for your local gamers? What do you want to achieve? What tools can you…Read More