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Warp Discovery

Odd and random stuff I find on the internet pertaining to Warhammer 40K gets shoved here.

Blood Angels

Warp Discovery: Blood Angel Cosplay

I was searching YouTube and stumbled across this. It’s amazing and probably the best custom/cosplay I’ve seen for Warhammer 40K. The finger articulation on the power fist is just awesome.

Space Hulk

Warp Discovery: Space Hulk II

Been a while since I did one of these, Warp Discovery. Cool 40K stuff isn’t exactly as popular on the internet as funny cat pictures but occassionaly there’s something great to be found. This short movie is from the same guys who did the first Space Hulk animated movie as…Read More

Death Korps of Krieg

Warp Discovery: Death Korps of Krieg

This week I have a few more short movies, well, one is more of a clip. These are from ShroudFilm and feature a Death Korps of Krieg trooper. The special effects aren’t bad but it’s really the great job on the custom that makes these great.

Dark Angels Chapter Badge

Warp Discovery: Dark Angels Battle Movies

Continuing on with this new series where I showcase 40K things I stumble across, this week we have two animated movies featuring Dark Angels from the same creator. These are a few years old at this point and honestly not the best animation you’ll see, but it’s worth checking out.

Space Hulk

Warp Discovery: Space Hulk Suicide Mission Movie

This is the first in what I hope to be a relatively frequent ongoing series. There’s a bunch of 40K stuff that I stumble on in my nerdy pursuit of all things 40K and I thought I’d share those discoveries here. The first in this new series is one of…Read More

Khorne Icon

Sunday Funnies: Blood for the Blood God

You have to check out this video. MiniWarGaming started this series called “40K Rejects” and it’s great. They did stop-motion animation that focuses on a Chaos Marine warband. To quote a friend of mine: