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Lessons Learned

This is where we discuss things we’ve learned, often the hard way, that we feel are worth sharing so that others can learn from our experiences.

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Chaos Warpsmith Experiences

I have managed a handful of games now with the Warpsmith and have had mixed success with the lists utilizing him. The Warpsmith himself has proven useful on multiple occasions. Being able to fix things is always handy. Shattering defenses at the start of the game, when I remember to…Read More

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Lessons Learned: Chaos Marines & Chaos Daemons

I don’t often play a list more than once, at least not the exact same list, yet in prepping for the Standoff this year I played my list a lot and I came away with some insights that some may find useful with Chaos Marines. Last month I went over…Read More

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Lessons Learned: Making Chaos Marine Squads Work

Ever since the current Chaos codex came out I had decided that undivided was going to be my route. That’s not to say I do not take marked units or cult units but that I do not follow a particular patron. The codex lends itself very well to an undivided…Read More

Chaos Marines WIP #2

Chaos Marines: My Humble Experiences

I don’t write articles on strategy and tactics but time-to-time I feel compelled to share my experiences to see if others find the same true, maybe help out a player or two and just get some feedback. This is one such article. When the Chaos codex came out I immediately…Read More

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Chaos Bikers: My Experiment and Results

I have not said much lately regarding the latest Chaos codex. Mainly that’s because I do not see myself as an authority on it. There are those better at hammering out competitive lists and fine tuning point efficiency. So, I shied away from anything remotely resembling strategy and tactics for…Read More