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Kamui’s Summer Challenge 2011

We can buff that out...

Kamui’s Workbench: A Tale of Two Speeders continued

Hello all, A few weeks back I picked up a couple of land speeders to add some mobility to my Reavers (Space Wolves.)  I got them cheap on eBay but they were in need of some repairs.  For those of you who haven’t seen them (and those of you who…Read More


Kamui’s Workbench-Slacking on the pictures!

Hello all, Here’s my second week without pictures to update you on my progress.  Things have been hectic, and I’ve been spending most of my weekends out of town the last few weeks.  For now I’ll catch you up on my progress and try to post pictures later on.

We can buff that out...

Kamui’s Workbench: A tale of two speeders

Hello all, Last week I posted pics of two land speeders that I’d just purchased on eBay. You may remember that they were in less than ideal condition.  Being a bit of a bargain hunter I found it difficult to resist the price and decided to take the challenge.  I…Read More


DIY Drop Pods Paint in Progress

Hello all, Last week I showed my WIP DIY drop pods.  In a push to get them table top ready for a team tournament this past weekend I managed to get them assembled and primed with a little bit of paint on them.

podcast 001

Kamui’s Workbench: DIY Drop Pods

Hello all, The Reavers are a Space Wolves lost company based on a space hulk with little to no control of where they wander.  This has led them to specialize in ship to ship and ship-board combat.  For planet side encounters they make heavy use of drop pods in lieu of more valuable…Read More