Command Center: v1.14.0 Addition

Command CenterI’ve added in a small yet useful feature to Command Center in v1.14.0 and have also done some site updates.

* On your rosters you can now select which army the roster is for. The point of this is that Command Center will only offer you auto-completer suggestions from other rosters of the same army. This is very useful if you’re like me and have a bunch of rosters from different armies saved. If you want suggestions regardless of which army then leave it set to ‘All’.

* I’ve rearranged the navigation to reduce the amount of top-level items that show up in the menu. Everything is there that was prior, it just may be under another menu now. Hopefully you’ll find the arrangement logical.

* The Roster Help now loads in a pop-up window. It’s getting longer as I keep adding features so it made more sense this way rather than shoving down the roster you were working on.

* There’s an FAQ page now. Right now I have one item on there but I’ll be adding to it as I think of things. Speaking of, if you have suggestions for the FAQ then let me know.

Command Center is a free army list building tool for Warhammer 40K, check it out.

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