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Rebel Grots status update

Hello all,

Since my last post I’ve been working on the green stuff work for my second Rebel Grot Infantry Squad.  I made some decent progress: The lascannon team is ready for paint.  I added shoulder pads to the controller and magnetized the snotling assistant as I did on the last one.

I sculpted a gas mask on the flamer grot and added some minor details to his flamer.  I’m going to modify his helmet then he’ll be ready for paint.

I added shoulder pads to the squad leader and 3 of the grunts.  I need to add pads to 3 more grunts, and a couple of them will get new helmets.  Then they will be ready for paint as well.

My wife and I spent the weekend repainting the living room/dining area.  It was a ton of work for the two of us and pretty much swallowed the weekend.  As I was putting all of the electronics back together, around 6:00 Sunday night, I found the computer would not start up anymore.  After a bit of troubleshooting I determined it was the power source.  I managed pick up a new one before the store closed but by the time I got it installed and everything else cleaned up I didn’t have the energy to take pictures for the post.  I know a hobby post without pictures is a bit bland.  I apologize for that.

I hope to get the rest of the sculpting work done early this week so I can start painting.  If things go well I’ll get pictures before priming for a mid-week update.  If not you’ll see them Monday :P



  • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

    Ah, life, why must you interfere with hobby time?

    • http://www.creativetwilight.com/ Kamui

      Life really can be inconsiderate at times!