Orks: First List for Play-testing (Updated)

Ork TrukkSomething I mentioned lately is that I need to focus on a style of list, an approach, and build towards that. It will take some play-testing first to nail it down and so this is my first list for Orks under their new codex for Warhammer 40K 7th edition.

The list focuses on fast elements backed by Mek support, what I call Speedmek. I like Meks with Orks because they fill a support role in an army that’s focused on straight forward face smashing. I don’t often find myself needing more offensive power so I aim to use the HQ slots to support the units I do take.

The caveat with this list is it’s mostly utilizing units I own. I will be adding units in time but I first want to get a feel for things using stuff I’m already familiar with, even if those things got tweaked a bit. The exception is the Dakkajet. That I will be borrowing from a friend whom I’m playing tonight. Any of the Ork flyers will fit right into any of my lists and I’ll start with the most straight-forward of the bunch.

Enough rambling for the moment. Here’s the list:

Sun’z Killaz (1,500pts)


  • Warboss – ‘Eavy Armor, Bosspole, Cybork Body, Kombi-skorcha, Power Klaw, Da Lucky Stikk
  • Painboy
  • Mek – Kustom Mega-blasta
  • Mek – Kustom Mega-blasta


  • Kommandos (10) – Rokkit Launchas x 2
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Big Choppa
    • Snikrot
  • Tankbustas (10) – Rokkit Launchas x 9, Bomb Squigs x 3
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha


  • Slugga Boyz (10) – Big Shoota
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha
  • Slugga Boyz (11) – Big Shoota
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha
  • Slugga Boyz (11)
    • Boss Nob – Bosspole, Power Klaw
    • Trukk – Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha

Fast Attack

  • Wartrakk (5) – Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha x 5
  • Deffkopta (5) – Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha x 5
  • Dakkajet – Flyboss, Twin-linked Super Shootas x 3

A few notes. I would rather the Big Mek be on a Warbike so he can drive around giving the KFF (kustom force field), to an area. However, I only have a few Warbikes to serve as a retinue and I could see that unit going down fast as a result. I’m just going to have to be smart about my movement to utilize cover.

I gave him Da Finkin’ Kap and Headwoppa’s Killchoppa to play around a bit. Da Finkin’ Kap gives him an additional Warlord Trait from the Strategic Table and it’s super cheap. Headwoppa’s Killchoppa is a big choppa that also has rending and instant death on a 6 to-wound. My Big Mek is a model I converted and sculpted a long time ago that has a huge two-handed hammer that seems appropriate for the weapon. I had some points left over and figured why not.

Based on feedback I’ve updated the list a bit. The Big Mek really was being wasted with a KFF inside a vehicle so I brought in a Warboss and Painboy. I tweaked some wargear to get reinforced rams on my Trukks, which I completely forgot about, plus giving them rokkits since they’re free now.

The Warboss and Painboy join the Boyz in a Trukk to get stuck-in; pretty straight-forward. Having the Waaagh! will really help with the lack of KFF so I can close the distance when I inevitably lose my Trukks. I did take Da Lucky Stikk on the Warboss for the +1 WS boost to the unit. The added benefit of re-rolls is good too, just have to carefully pick where those re-rolls are used to avoid dying from Da Lucky Stikk!

One Mek will join the Kommandos. I’m hoping that with him and two rokkits that I might be able to crack a transport when they show up. The other will join Tankbustas to add his KMB to the rokkit fusillade and maybe repair their Trukk.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. I have the option with this list of outflanking Kommandos, Wartrakks and Deffkoptas. I don’t foresee doing that with all of them but I have options to get those S8 shots on side and rear armor. The overall goal of the list is to be able to squeeze my opponent by rushing up the Trukks and then outflanking in with other units. I’ll find out tonight how it works out.


I began playing Warhammer 40K in 2006 and have been an avid player and hobbyist since then. I currently play Chaos Space Marines and Khorne Daemonkin, though I do also own Orks, Necrons and Space Marines. Blood Bowl is also a favorite of mine though I rarely get to play it.

  • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

    I think the big mek is the wrong choice for this list. At best you are giving one vehicle, or a few orks a better save. You’d be better off taking a warboss for his waaargh, which will enable all those trukk boyz a better chance of getting into combat (plus a more impressive statline).

    I think if you were doing the big mek, he’d be best on a bike as you said. If you can’t do that, a warboss is a better choice.

    Instead I’d see about using the KFF points to add a painboy to the warbosses unit. That will also save you the cybork points, and give the entire unit 5+ FNP (instead of one guy 6+)

    I’d also replace every big shoota in the army with a rokkit. (it’s a free swap now). easy way to do this is just drill the barrels on big shootas a bit deeper, and use rokkit’s with pins to hold them in place, pull out when you want to do big shootas. But since rokkit’s are the same price now, and your entire list is practically anti infantry, I think the rokkit’s would be more useful.

    • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

      No argument on the Warboss. I thought about it and of course you’re right on the KFF and vehicle but my thought was, how I justified it to myself, was that he won’t be in that Trukk forever and eventually that KFF will be extending out to give saves. It’s probably not the right choice as you said but I just love my Big Mek.

      I do think though that I’ll swap in a Warboss. My original version of this list had him for the reasons you noted and I should stick with my gut, and you’re advice :)

      I agree on the big shootas but all my rokkit totting Orks are Tankbustas and since I’m using them this game I have no spares! My opponent is cool though so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind them being proxies for tonight.

      • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

        Ha! I have the same issue. All my tank busters are just rokkit boyz. I didn’t notice the big shoota’s on the boyz. I’d drop those as well (they are going to run and charge the second they get out of the trukk…and then run again till they get into combat range). You generally don’t do much shooting with slugga boyz.

        That would save you some more points for some upgrades (maybe thinkin cap for painboy and lucky stick for warboss?)

        • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

          Doh. I overlooked that rokkits were free swaps on Trukks!

          Why not Finkin’ Kap & Lucky Stikk on the Warboss? You can only have one item per-army but I see nothing about not having two items on one model, unless I overlooked something?

          • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

            Oh! For some reason I thought one character could only take a single item. Make sure to read that over…I think it says “may take one of” from “gifts”.

            In which case you have to spread them out between the hq’s.

            • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

              Correct, just noticed that. I glazed over it prior apparently.

              • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

                I think it will be faq’d honestly. If everyone’s chapter master can take shield of eternal and burning blade, then we should be fine taking two as well :).

                • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

                  I’m sure. So far every army can load up one model with artifacts/relics/etc. No reason Orks shouldn’t be able to.

                  • Craig

                    erm, Space Marine Captains/Chaptermaster CAN NOT take more than 1 relic, same as orks.

                    Because Captain/Chapter master only come with pistol + melee weapon. And it does
                    not matter with how many weapon he comes, as you can only swap one of
                    them for a relic. Because the Relic entry states: “you can exchange one
                    weapon for a relic” which is different to the e.g. Ranged weapons table,
                    which comes with this description: “A model can replace his bolt pistol
                    and/ or Melee weapon with one of the following.”

                    And why the tankhammers ?! They cost 15 points each and make no sense at all. You lose the rokkitlauncha on the model, and their meltabombs are far better than str.7 or str. 8 hits ?

                    • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

                      Fair enough. I’m not up on Space Marines with their new codex.

                      Tankhammers for a few reasons. One, I have two modeled with them from the days of it being a free swap. Two, I actually like them. Tankbusta bombs are great but it’s still only a single attack that has to hit and pen (very likely to pen of course). The tankhammers give me more attacks at the cost of strength compared to tankbusta bombs. Ultimately it gives the unit a bit of versatility. Those tankhammers are great for smashing Marines.

                    • TheRhino

                      Ehhh. The language on the Marine Relics is ambiguous enough that you can argue that you can trade multiple weapons for multiple relics. Folks have debated it back and forth to no solid conclusion (other than that people arguing on Warseer and Dakka are right assholes about it).
                      The Armor Indomitus opens a can of worms on the issue, as it doesn’t require trading a weapon. if the absolute is “can only trade one weapon”, then how can you ever take the Armor? And if the armor is an exception to “can only trade one weapon” then the whole “can only trade one” thing starts to crumble.
                      TBH, if someone wants to spend 300 points on a stock Chapter Master and a pair of Relics, it’s really not worth arguing about. They’re wasting points, so why not let them?

  • Ztahlinork

    2 things you may need to look into (aside from tactical things etc):

    – As far as I can tell you may only take one Gift of G&M/model (rules state: “A model can take one of the following:”)
    – You may include one Mek for each HQ taken (“For each HQ choice in a Detachment (not including other Meks) you may include a single Mek chosen from this data sheet.”)

    But for the rest, I like your army list. :)

    • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

      You’re right. I was looking in the back but in the points section it does say “May take one of the following.”

      The Mek thing I’ve been back and forth with myself on. I can see it either way, that you can take them as a standalone HQ choice or only as a choice for each normal HQ you take. I feel it’s a bit fuzzy in this area. However, it’s probably supposed to be done in the manner of them not being standalone choices.

      • Ztahlinork

        There always seems to be some fuzzy stuff in any codex ;)

        But I’m a big Mek fan, too. So, the more – the better.

        By the way – if you want to discover some of my orks:

        • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

          Very nice. Awesome conversions and builds and I really like your paint jobs. Well done!

          • Ztahlinork

            Thanks, Thor :)

            Plenty more images to come when the camera starts working again. I’ll keep u posted – if u like.

            • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

              By all means keep me posted. You don’t have a blog I take it?

              • Ztahlinork

                No, unfortunately not.
                I’m more a reading/reacting/following kind of guy.
                Actually: if I can’t brush it, I probably cannot make it work ;)
                That includes blogs.

                But if one day you need a guest article / use of imagery – feel free to ask me ;)

                • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

                  I’ll keep that in mind for sure.

              • Jack

                nice conversions ! If you enjoy ork conversions, check this blog and his flickr pool: shadowcl4w.blogspot.com

                • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

                  There’s some nice looking stuff there. Too bad he posts so infrequently.

  • Logan Smith

    I’m curious about the Mek joining the Kommandos. I’m considering doing similar, but am not sure if I can.
    The general 7th ed. rule is that an independent character without infiltrate cannot join a unit with infiltrate during deployment…but the Mek isn’t really an independent character, and if you’re using Snikrot’s Ambush move, then you’re not using infiltrate during deployment.
    Still, I’d like (but can’t find) a more solid answer.

    • http://creativetwilight.com/ Thor

      I think it’s clear as it is. The Mek is not an IC so there’s nothing preventing him from gaining the unit’s special rules. It’s only with an IC that the problem arises.

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