New Fantasy Novel: Cover Survey

I hope you good folks don’t mind something a bit off topic today.  I’m just about finished with the content of my fantasy novel Tarnish, after literally years of dreaming and writing and rewriting.  But before I can publish it I need to wrap it in an attractive cover.  That’s…Read More

Tournament Report: The June Jerkoff

There’s a club in Watertown, MA (everyone knows where that is now), called Dorkamorka. We, those at my FLGS, often make trips down there when they host 40K tournaments. This past Saturday they hosted an 1,850 tournament so seven of us made the 2-hour drive down from Maine. It was…Read More

Rebel Grots Basilisk PIP: Playing with an airbrush!

Hello all, I’ve been slowly plugging through a Basilisk scratch-build for my Rebel Grots.  I’ve recently finished the build (finally!) and have started painting.  For years I’ve wanted to try my hand at airbrushing and a couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and picked one up.  This…Read More

Rebel Grots Basilisk WIP: Ready for paint!

Hello all, I’ve finally made it: the first basilisk for my Rebel Grots is ready for paint!  I took some final WIP pictures for this post but as I write this the primer is drying on my first basilisk.  I haven’t added crew yet because they’ll need to be painted…Read More