baph 1a

The Bride and Groom… from Hell

I’ve been carrying these two around for years and I FINALLY spent about 5 hours getting them done today.  Meet Baphemut and Cassandra, my greater daemon and/or daemon prince model!  Baph is an old-school GW minotaur I got for cheap (cuz he’s so old) and Cassy is an old-school Dark…Read More

Tau Codex

Rok Da Vote: New Tau Codex

Games Workshop is cranking out the 6th edition codices and Tau has definitely been one many players were anxious for. As always I like to get a feel for initial impressions of a codex and then later on re-poll once the dust has settled. Considering how popular Tau are, I’m…Read More

Chaos Daemons

Rok Da Vote: Chaos Daemons Codex (Closed)

It’s been a little over a month since I put up the poll asking what you all thought about the new Daemons codex. The results are interesting. So far it’s the lowest rated codex in 6th edition based on the polls I’ve done here anyway. Here’s the results.

Space Wolf Scout

HUNTED: space wolf fan fiction (part 2 of 5)

In Part 1 (click to read) we find Volstag Dragonclaw, Space Wolf Scout, with no armor or weapons, up in the boughs of a tree with no memory of how he got there.  He does remember being betrayed by the planet’s PDF and he remembers being tortured by a Night Lords apothecary.  As these…Read More