Kamui’s Workbench: Liberated Grot Heavy and Special Weapons

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Hello all, I haven’t been spectacularly productive over the holidays but I have made some decent progress on my Grot IG allies.  I’ve done a few experiments that didn’t pan out but I’ve narrowed in on how I want to model the core allied infantry detachment so it should be…Read More

Thor’s Workbench: More Modeling

With the holidays I have not managed to get a ton done lately. The other week I did paint up one Chaos Biker – shots of him some day. Otherwise it’s been modeling, and even then slowly. Here you’ll see my Biker Champion almost fully assembled, nothing special. It will…Read More

Chaos Marines & Allies

I’m far from done my Chaos army in terms of collecting (is anyone ever truly done collecting?), but it’s built up enough at this point that I feel comfortable exploring allies. So, I figured I’d explore the options a bit here. Kamui mentioned the other week the same thing I’m…Read More

Rebel Grot allies for Waagh Grottrog!

This entry is part 1 of 14 in the series Rebel Grot Infantry Yellow Platoon

Hello all, Those of you who read my post on Imperial Guard Allies for the Orks already know that I’m a fan.  I even managed to get in a game with Thor using Necromunda proxies that confirmed my suspicion that they would be a good fit.  Now it’s time for…Read More

Grottrogg’s Big Day

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On the surface Grottrogg did not seem particularly special.  He was kunnin, sure, but not any more kunnin than your typical Blood Axe nob.  He was as tough, strong, and brutal as his fellow nobs but still nothing out of the ordinary.  What set Grottrogg apart was luck.  He had…Read More