Ork Fluff: Grottrogg invades Malichor IV

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One of two habitable planets in the Malichor solar system, Malichor IV was a minor Imperial industrial planet located a long way from any of the primary shipping routes.  Despite the regular flow of munitions, vehicles, and recruits for the Imperial Army it was considered of minimal tactical importance because…Read More

Battle Review: Chaos vs Daemons

I opted for a different approach with my Chaos list this time out. I have been struggling with my Chaos Marines lately, for various reasons, and something had to change. Long story short, I needed to play a list I enjoyed. I don’t often make balanced lists, they bore me,…Read More

Kamui’s Workbench: Liberated Grot Heavy and Special Weapons

This entry is part 2 of 14 in the series Rebel Grot Infantry Yellow Platoon

Hello all, I haven’t been spectacularly productive over the holidays but I have made some decent progress on my Grot IG allies.  I’ve done a few experiments that didn’t pan out but I’ve narrowed in on how I want to model the core allied infantry detachment so it should be…Read More