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6th Edition


Eldar Dark Reaper Conversions: WIP

Here are the first pair of my new “Black Phoenix” Dark Reapers.  I’m planning to make four, plus a fifth exarch model.  This has been a project on my list for some time and I finally decided to get something done late Sunday night (didn’t go to bed till 1am,…Read More

Crimson Fists

CFKT I: Crimson Fist Kill Teams (part 1)

With the revision and republication of the 40K Kill Team rules comes a second wind for me in playing my Crimson Fists.  (Well, the new codex helped a little bit too.)  Actually, Kill Teams offers a new opportunity to play a lot of different armies, even more so than the Allies rules,…Read More

Space Marines

Rok Da Vote: Space Marines 6th Edition Codex (Closed)

The poll has run for about 3-weeks now and the votes have almost come to a stop. I honestly expected way more voting, like on the level I saw with the Tau codex, but what can you do? So, the results for the poll are as follows. Not surprisingly the…Read More

Space Marines

Rok Da Vote: Space Marines 6th Edition Codex

The flagship army for 40K just recently got their 6th edition codex and I’d like to capture those early feelings on it while the fires are still hot. I haven’t got much to say other than vote!

Dark Angels

Rok Da Vote: Dark Angels 6th Edition Codex (Re-poll)

Seven months ago I put up the first poll shortly after the release of the Dark Angels codex to get your feedback. The time has come to do a re-poll and see how opinions have changed over time. I know at my FLGS they have all but disappeared in the…Read More