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Articles regarding the allies system in Warhammer 40K.

Chaos Allies: Giving Imperial Guard a Go

I held off on making my preferred choice on an allied detachment until the Daemons codex came out. Let me be honest, I have not looked over the Daemons’ codex thoroughly. I have gone through it all but trying to create a list is something I have not done. The…Read More

Chaos Marines & Allies

I’m far from done my Chaos army in terms of collecting (is anyone ever truly done collecting?), but it’s built up enough at this point that I feel comfortable exploring allies. So, I figured I’d explore the options a bit here. Kamui mentioned the other week the same thing I’m…Read More

Imperial Guard Allies for the Orks

Hello all, As I have been re-acquainting myself with the orks and adapting them to sixth edition I’ve noticed that they (still) have some issues dealing with tanks at long range.  I’m working on some tankbustas to help with this, but even these are only really good against tanks when…Read More

The Balance of 6th Edition

Last night at my FLGS we got to chatting about 6th edition after we had all played our games for the night. Someone, I forget who though I’ll gladly give credit if I do recall, was saying how in 6th edition the era of the few power builds are gone….Read More