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Crossroad Games 40K July Tournament Report

This month was a 2K tournament at my FLGS and we were trying something new. We’ve been using a scoring system with massacre, major, minor and draw and opted to try a multiple objective format with primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. It’s a system I’ve seen used at a lot…Read More

Face Palm

Lessons Learned: Campaign Report Week #3

Continuing into week #3 for the campaign at the LGS I was paired off against a Chaos Marine player. The game was seize ground with pitched battle deployment and a few catches. First, terrain features were nominated as objectives. Second, as the defender (the Imperial side having lost last week),…Read More


Road to Glory Campaign – Week #2 Report

As we continue the summer campaign we move into week #2. Another incredible showing at the LGS too with 22 players. We rarely reach that many for monthly tournaments. Last night I got paired off against new Necron player. We were playing a 1,250 game that was capture and control…Read More


Road to Glory Campaign: Week #1 Report

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, well, those in the US anyway. Of course, hopefully everyone else had a great weekend too. My wife and I went on a mini-vacation and just got back last night. Now it’s back to the grind. Last week at the LGS we…Read More

Team Edward

Weekly Battle: Fate’s Angels vs Team Edward

Wednesday night I got in a game against Blood Angels, an army I routinely have problems dealing with effectively. We ran a 2,500 game to try to work out some ‘ard Boyz ideas. Here’s the list I put together.


June’s Team Tournament Conclusion

The team tournaments at the LGS are probably the most looked forward to events we have. It’s generally 1,000 to 1,250 per-player so beginners can generally make the points and having a partner always lends a different atmosphere to the games. This past Saturday was no exception for turnout with…Read More