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Space Marine & Ork

Rok Da Vote: Favorite 40K Game Size (Closed)

Earlier this month I put up a poll asking you all what you favorite game size was for 40K. After nearly a month, and a fair amount of votes, it’s time to close down voting and check the results.

Space Marine & Ork

Rok da Vote: Favorite 40K Game Size

In trying to think of a new poll to toss up I went through my previous ones and was surprised I never asked this one. The question is straight forward, what’s your favorite point level to play 40K at? I think it’s hard to nail down a specific size but…Read More


Does Size Really Matter?

TastyTaste over at Blood of Kittens has been running a series called In Defense of 1500 that I’ve found interesting. When I got into playing 40K with my friends we were always playing 1,500 games, sometimes we’d go up to 1,750 or 1,850. Initially I was building my army and…Read More