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Grot Snipers 009

Rebel Grot Ratling Sniper Conversion Update

Hello all, As I mentioned in my post on Monday I’ve managed to make some progress on my Rebel Grot counts as Ratling Snipers.  I had made some progress at that point, sculpting some details using green stuff.  Since then I’ve managed to spend a little more time on them. …Read More

September 2013 090

The Road to the Standish Standoff: More Ratling Snipers WIP

Hello all, Progress continues on the Ratling Sniper Squad.  I’ve roughed out the fourth and fifth member of the squad.  #4 is another crouching model created using the same method as the first crouching sniper. Here he is with the pose set up and the first layer of green stuff…Read More

Rebel Grots 072913a

Rebel Grots: Command Squads and Veterans WIP

Hello all, I had planned to attend a 1250 tournament on Saturday so I set my mind on getting enough Rebel Grots pieced together to field them on their own.  Painting scores weren’t a factor for this event, and I’ve seen plenty of WIP armies at the shop, so I…Read More

July 2013 010

Rebel Grot Command Squads WIP

Hello all, As I was working on the loaders for my Rebel Grot Basilisk it occurred to me that while it is fun to build tanks, it might not be the highest priority right now.  At a minimum I still need to finish my Company Command Squad and my Platoon…Read More