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January 6 2014 011

Rebel Grot Company Command Squad finished!

Hello all, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays!  Mine were fun but hectic as usual.  I was lucky enough not to lose power during the big storms so I’m thankful for that.  Today I have a quick update on the Company Command Squad and the Ratling Snipers for my…Read More

Soulgore: Help

Painting Conundrum: Advice Needed

So, I’m working on wrapping up my Lord on Juggernaut with Axe of Blind Fury and here’s my issue. Take a look at that image. The axe blends in way too much with the Juggernaut/Bull, especially at that angle. I’m trying to think of a way of ‘fixing’ it. I…Read More


Planning for the New Year

So I have been off the hobby radar since the Standish Standoff at the end of November. Truthfully I needed a little detox and truthfullyer work and life seemed to ramp up to ridiculous levels before the holiday.   So I finally popped out the other side of all that…Read More

Soulgore: PIP 5-3

Thor’s Workbench: Soulgore (PIP #5)

Soulgore is nearly complete. At this point it’s really just going over the model again and making sure I haven’t missed anything. So, here’s some shots before I move on to basing him. When I get him based I will take some better quality shots.      


Hobby Advice: Using Composition

I have often said over the years that the biggest thing in my opinion that makes for a really well painted model is the composition. How the model is composed really sets the tone. You can apply all the best painting techniques known to man but if the composition is…Read More

Chaos Lord Soulgore: PIP 4-3

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord Soulgore (PIP #4)

I haven’t had a ton of time lately to work on Soulgore but I have made some noticeable progress. The legs and arms are all done. I have to wrap up the torso & head and then Soulgore himself is complete. Once I wrap him up it’s back to the…Read More