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Space Marine & Ork

Rok Da Vote: Favorite 40K Game Size (Closed)

Earlier this month I put up a poll asking you all what you favorite game size was for 40K. After nearly a month, and a fair amount of votes, it’s time to close down voting and check the results.


Rok Da Vote: Painting

I’ve done a fair amount of painting lately, for me at least, and I got curious how often everyone else paints. So, that’s the big topic for the poll, how often do you paint?

Necrons Codex

Rok Da Vote: Necrons Re-Poll Closed

Since the new Necrons have been out for a while I re-polled the community to see if opinions had changed on where Necrons now stand in the hierarchy of codices. First up, let’s review the previous poll’s results when Necrons had been out for a short bit.


Rok Da Vote: Blog Article Preference

Most of us read various blogs and usually we like each blog for a specific reason. So, I’m asking you all who are reading this blog, what sort of articles do you like? What is it that gets you to click through to read something? Vote below or you can…Read More


Rok Da Vote: Wot’s Dis?

In an attempt to get more voters I have moved the polls to the top right of the site. It was previously buried and hard to spot. I had been running some random polls, some for about eight months, and those are now all closed and here are those results:…Read More