Happy Thanksgiving

Hope all my American friends have a great Thanksgiving. It’s going to be a low-key day for my wife and I, which is more than fine by me. For those fully participating in the day, eat, drink and get fat. It’s the American way!

Thanksgiving Motivational


I began playing Warhammer 40K in 2006, and have been an avid player and hobbyist since then. I have also been blogging about 40K for almost as long as I've been playing it, having started Creative Twilight in 2009.

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  • I think I was tricked into clicking on this link… Well played man. ;)

    Have a fun one.

    • I’ve used that same image for years now. It’s the one time I manage to click-bait ;)

      • I’m sorry. I didn’t read the whole post. I got distracted for some reason.

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