This week in Stealtherland

This week has been a busy one here for ol’ Stealthy. So I am going to hit the highlights.

1. I was beaten to a pulp with the common cold. Trip to the quick care over in Gorham to make sure I did not have strep or swine flu…. With little ones paranoia gets the best of me.

2. Did some painting on Kazimov. I am totally wrecking that model and not in a good way. That will be a post in of its own.

I listened to several pod casts. I spend 3 hours in the car everyday and that gives me plenty of time to listen to podcasts. I tried out a new one this week and its awesome. The battle reports are the best that I have heard in a pod cast so far. They give you a bit of an audio drama and have a tactical discussion at the end.

The next would be I have listened to these guys for two years and they are very entertaining. They cover the new paint range in this episode and some how make it entertaining. I also recommend going back and listening to their Blood Bowl episodes.

I also took in a good article by Adam on BOLS. I really enjoyed this article in the light of the 6th edition rumors. I mean combine this with Goat Boys article and we could have a very interesting game. I also think a little more balanced.

Well thats my week I am hoping to get out to XRG and play my foot Kazimov list again!

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