Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Terminator (Another One) – WIP

Work in ProgressI had high hopes of getting this guy done this past weekend but that never came to fruition. Still, he’s nearing completion and as long as I have him done by Saturday I’m all set since a bunch of us are going to a tournament requiring painted models.

At this stage all the base coating and shading is done and you’ll see I’ve moved on to highlights. The highlights won’t take me long to finish up. After that I need to get in the glow effect on the eyes and other small details. I’m also not sold on the eye I did on his leg and will end up redoing that.


I began playing Warhammer 40K in 2006 and have been an avid player and hobbyist since then. I currently play Chaos Space Marines and Khorne Daemonkin, though I do also own Orks, Necrons and Space Marines. Blood Bowl is also a favorite of mine though I rarely get to play it.

  • Kamui

    He’s looking good! Have you started on the arms yet?

    • Thor


      At the time I took that, no, the arms weren’t started but they are now.

  • JustHippie

    I think the pupil should be like a cats(almost diamond like), it compliments the shape of the eye better, IMO. Looking great as always Thor!

    • Thor

      Agreed. That’s what I did the last time I did one of these and thought I’d try something different. I’ve since redone it.


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