40K Gaming Concluded for 2014

This past Saturday was the last of my Warhammer 40K gaming in 2014. At the end of every year I like to review how I did. However, first up, a quick rundown on the tournament on Saturday.


Here’s the Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Space Marines, ready to play for the day.

Chaos Space Marines vs Blood Angels

My first game was against Blood Angels with Astra Militarum allies. My opponent was using the Shield of Baal formation because he just bought the new box-set and that’s what he owned. It was also his first run at Blood Angels. The game just didn’t go favorably for him and we called it at the end of turn #4 with me winning 9-3.

Chaos Space Marines vs Eldar

Next up was and Eldar opponent with Tau allies. I had a bad start to the game and it set the pace. I had a Rhino get immobilized in front of my Defiler and then spent two turns getting around it. I had a Helbrute mishap on deep strike and got placed by my opponent way out of the action. Still, it was a close game on points overall. I lost this one something like 15-12.

Chaos Space Marines vs Iron Hands

Final game was against Iron Hands in a big slugfest. My opponent took a strong lead early, 6-1. My Helbrutes arrived and helped shift the battle to bring me back into it. The game ended in a tie, 9-9.

I went 1-1-1 for the day, which is better than last month so I’m happy. All my games were fun and it was a great way to close out the year.

Gaming Year

Now, for how I stand at the end of the year. I broke this down into overall, 7th edition and 6th edition. This is shown as win-loss-draw.

2014 Overall:  32-41-7
2014 6th: 12-21-1
2014 7th: 20-20-6

Overall a win ratio of 46%. That’s about on par for me the past few years. The big difference though is between the editions. In 6th edition I won 35% of the time but in 7th I went up to 43% and also far more draws, which means my losses went down to 43%. That’s a pretty big improvement for me, the lower loss ratio.

I can’t place my finger on any one thing in 7th edition that has changed how I play but it’s pretty obvious I’m doing better under 7th than I did in 6th. I do feel that 7th is more balanced than 6th was and seeing as I never play the top-tier armies, or abuse the rule set, it’s been more favorable to me.

I also want to look specifically at how I did in tournaments.

2014 Overall Tournaments:  21-24-6
2014 6th Tournaments: 5-13-1
2014 7th Tournaments: 16-11-5

Again, the big difference shows up between 6th and 7th edition. Under 6th I only won 26% of the time but under 7th I was at 50% wins and only 34% in losses. This is another big improvement for me.

I don’t consider myself a competitive gamer but I enjoy stats and I like to gauge myself and look for trends. The difference for me between 6th and 7th is pretty staggering and I’m really curious what a whole year under 7th edition is going to be like. I really enjoy 7th edition and with the trend in codices becoming more balanced it should prove a fun year!

Do you track your gaming? How did you do this year?

  • I think 7th encourages a more thinking type of play then the previous editions. In 5th or 6th, you could usually just slug it out with your opponent, then grab objectives on turn 5. In 7th, you have to make decisions about whether or not to grab and objective, deny your opponent an objective, etc. It’s a lot more cat and mouse like in terms of play….of course you can still try and blast your opponent away and ignore objectives, but that tends to result in more losses then wins now.

    “had a Rhino get immobilized in front of my Defiler”

    This made me laugh. I ran a bunch of battle wagons in the past, and I would castle them up so that my opponents couldn’t get a lucky rear shot…well go and turn out, guy shoots a lascannon, turn 1 at the front battle wagon. Gets through the av14 (pen), gets through the KFF…and he immoblizes it. It took two turns for the other vehicles to make it around the immobilized one. A non moving battle wagon is a huge blockade!

    • I agree. You really need to think on your feet with 7th if you’re doing Maelstrom missions. Apparently my mind works better in that capacity than the old pound’em till their dead method.

      Ug, yeah, damn Rhino. Lesson learned there though: don’t use fragile vehicles to protect more rugged vehicles. In your case I wouldn’t have been concerned with it happening to a Battlewagon either but those dice can be tricksy!

      • I used to run into that a lot with my orks. Something would crack on the front line and half my army would have to go through or around the wreckage. It’s something I have to look out for when I bring them out again!

        Anyway, nice summary of your year. The maelstrom missions really do favor movement and flexibility over total annihilation. A smart player with a little luck can continue to grab points even as they’re being whittled down. Powerhouse units tend to lack in scoring ability due to cost, low maneuverability, or simply the need to focus on killing rather than objective runs. This helps balance them down a little.

        • 7th Really has put a damper on deathstar units; which I think is great. I feel 5th and 6th was dominated by them, deathstars, and with the right one you could rampage most opponents with little thought. I find the most effective lists I face are balanced lists, which is a nice change of pace.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        wouldn’t the rhino count as dangerous terrain which the Defiler could climb over? Or am I thinking of some previous edition?

        • It was immobilized, not destroyed, so you can’t climb over it.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Ah yes I see.

  • Nafnaf

    I am really enjoying 7th so far. The maelstrom. Missions have really opened up the game for me too. It makes it so much more enjoyable when both players are having to manoeuvre and think on their feet a bit more during the game. Hallelujah for no deathstarts too! They nearly killed 40k for me.

    Some good games and ratios you have going on there. I hope 2015 brings you more great games and your winning streak continues to rise :)

    Merry Christmas

    • I hope so too. Me and 7th are meshing far better than previous editions. If nothing else I’m having more fun and hopefully fun translates into some more wins too ;)

      Have a great Christmas as well.

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