40K Mission: Bomb Sweep v1.0.1

Bomb SweepI’ve made a minor update to Bomb Sweep. I decided to change the defusing procedure so you must give up both shooting and assault phases to disarm the bomb. Prior it was an option and doing so allowed faster defusing, otherwise it defused at the start of your next turn. The problem was I find it hard to justify a unit could be in assault around the objective they are defusing and still defusing it, assuming the enemy unit was more than 3″ away. The logical solution being to say you can’t assault while defusing. However, if I’m going to take that step then I figured I may as well go all in and make it that you give up shooting and assault.

So, you can see the latest version here and you can find all my other custom missions over here.

  • TheRhino

    I like this version, since it was a nice tradeoff. You get the objective, but also give something up for that certainty.

    • Me too. It’s a seemingly minor change to the old objective system but it makes a big impact on the game.

  • Once an objective is claimed, is it claimed permanently or can you let your opponent diffuse it then take it away?

    • The objective must be defused before it can be claimed. Once defused it follows all the normal objective rules. So, not a permanent claim or anything.

      • That adds a an extra level of consideration. You don’t want to waste a turn of shooting and assault if you are at risk of being pushed off it .

        This looks like an interesting mission. Having to defuse the objectives makes some significant changes to strategy required.

        • Exactly. It’s a small change with a big impact which is my preferred way to go about it.

  • khorneinquisitor

    I like this as shooting units had the ability to sit on objectives and shoot you and wait while assault armies had to make the tradeoff. Now, shooting armies have to forgo shooting as well so everyone has to make those hard decisions, not just the guys who have to move forward and assault. Great mission.

    • Very good point and one I had not thought about. Shooting armies do have the distinct advantage of being able to hold an objective and still perform their job where assault armies often do not.

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