40K Mission: Marked for Death v1.0.0

Marked for DeathIt’s been a long time since I’ve written any new missions. It’s just hard to find the time and hard to come up with something unique. This past spring though I ran a 40K story-driven event and had to write missions for that. Well, one of those missions was pretty easy to translate over into the format we use for 40K missions at my FLGS for tournaments.

That mission is Marked for Death and like all the missions I write, it’s available on my Google Docs. Feel free to try it out and any feedback would be awesome.

  • JustHippie

    I have had some difficulty getting scoring units ‘wholly’ in table quarters. There just seems to always be a straggler or two that can’t make it there. Is ‘majority in’ too easy to accomplish?

    • The reason it’s worded that way is to avoid people hanging units on the line in more than one quarter. When that happens, more than one quarter, then you can say majority but players will distribute a unit equally in all (I’ve seen it), and then your left with letting them pick what quarter in that case (their goal anyway), or doing it random (which few would like).

      So, it avoids all that mess and all that extra wording for various situations. As for the ‘wholly’ part, it works both ways too. I’ve been boned on it, one model just not far enough, and I’ve seen opponents in the same boat. It’s equally challenging if nothing else and I find it generally requires a turn or two of pre-planning to do safely/ensure you’re wholly there.

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