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40K Narrative Event: The Story (WIP)

Luna WolvesLast month I mentioned a 40K narrative event that my FLGS will be hosting in the spring, May 18th to be precise. Time is quickly flying by and I’m working on hammering out the storyline for the event. I see the storyline, if done right, as being a big draw for the event, at least to those who enjoy fun fluffy stuff like this.

I have the premiss of the event figured out and have put it to ‘paper’. Below you’ll find my rough draft of the storyline. The only editing I’ve done to it at this point is grammatical and spelling. I’m not happy with the final paragraph as I feel it’s too glazed over. I want to flesh that out some more, bring some detail to the Imperial side of things, but I’ve hit a wall at the moment with it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Of the original legions the 2nd and the 11th have remained a mystery. The records of these two legions have been ‘lost’ since the Heresy. The primarchs of these lost legions were never to be spoken of by the other primarchs, a command given by the Emperor, and thus the missing primarchs, and their legions, have remained an enigma over the centuries. The 13th Legion, the Ultramarines, had swollen in size to eclipse all other legions around the time the records of the 2nd and 11th Legions were removed. It was rumored that they accepted the remainder of these lost legions into their ranks.

Up until recently any information regarding these missing legions has been just that, rumor. Then Lorgar, from his sanctuary the Templum Inficio on Sicarus, unleashed a psychic scream heard by all Word Bearers within the warp. The catalyst for Lorgar’s outburst remains unknown but the message was only one sentence, “A forgotten brother is known by the 13th.”

The Hosts in the area began to gather to meet and discuss the event. It was quickly conclude that Lorgar could only be speaking of one of the two lost primarchs, one of his brothers. The 13th of course referring to the Ultramarines, the 13th of the original 20 legions. Having the information was one thing, doing something with it required plotting and planning. Attacking the Ultramar system with nothing more than their conclusions would not find the missing primarch. The Word Bearers would need to gather intelligence, narrow down their search, and strike with precision. To this end they called upon the Alpha Legion and, surprisingly, gave them the truth of the matter.

Over the past 200 years the Alpha Legion has had infiltrators amongst the Ultramarines. Using the faces of those Ultramarines who had fallen in battle, battles the Alpha Legion orchestrated for this purpose, they moved amongst the 13th as one of their own. The information they gathered was slow in coming, and was puzzled together over those 200 years, but eventually that puzzle was complete. The Word Bearers and Alpha Legion began calling upon their brother legions to join the cause. The plan was simple, get in and get out, and so they asked for the elite of each legion.

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In the gathering of the war host some favors were called in, threats issued, payments made and alliances forged to bring in the likes of the Orks, Dark Eldar, Necrons and any willing to join the fray. These forces would be used to serve as a distraction to draw attention away from the Chaos forces as they struck the location that was centuries in discovering.

The location of the assault was a small death world planet on the eastern fringe of the Ultramar system. The planet had no designation and was not formerly recognized by the Ultramarines least it draw attention. Upon the planet, protected by void shields and hidden from sight by the volcanic ash perpetually clouding the atmosphere, was a fortification. Within the fortification were the answers the armies of Chaos sought.

The allied forces of Chaos entered the Ultramar system and disrupted shipping lanes, raided planets, anything to draw the eyes of the Ultramarines to those actions. Once the Ultramarines began responding to the distraction attacks the forces of Chaos made way to their target.

Orbital defenses were destroyed upon the planet that Chaos had designated ‘Redemption’ and their losses minimal. The infiltrating Alpha Legion had sabotaged as much of the planet’s orbital defenses as they could prior to the assault. Once upon the planet Chaos organized their forces and prepared for the assault upon the hidden fortification.

The Ultramarines may have been caught off guard but they were not without a contingency plan. Once the Chaos fleet had begun pounding the surface, to make safe their planet fall, distress signals were sent not only to the chapter but to Terra itself. What was hidden on Redemption was done by the decree of the Emperor and no force would be spared to prevent the secret from escaping.

As the forces of Chaos approached the designated location they were met by the armies of the Imperium. Various chapters of Space Marines, countless Imperial Guard regiments, Sisters of Battle and the Inquisition were all present. A battle was about to be fought the likes of which had not been seen since the Heresy.

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Two things:
First, the lost Legions were erased from memory BEFORE the Heresy. Small point, but an important one.
Second, the plot is good, but what will the resolution be for the players? let’s say the Chaos side wins. They’ll rejoice that they recovered “the secret,” but how will you reveal non-canon information to the players? Someone will invariably ask “So, what’s the secret?” To which the answer will have to be “Who knows?!”
Under what guise are the Ultramarines asking for help from the rest of the Imperium? Rank and file modern Astartes don’t know anything baout the 2nd and 11th. Sending a distress signal saying “Help! Chaos is about to find out about the lost Legions!” will likely raise some eyebrows and puzzle quite a few Imperial leaders.