Warhammer 40K Rules Quiz #8: Universal Special Rules, Buildings & Ruins and Missions

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QuizOne of the easiest ways to become a better 40K player is to know the rules inside and out. Even veterans will re-read the rules to freshen up and make sure they know their stuff. So, I thought it would be fun to do a 40K quiz. I’ll chop the rulebook into sections and post a quiz for each. I’m aiming to quiz on the more obscure stuff and by obscure I mean items you may have overlooked, not known or always been fuzzy on. Some questions will be easy but hopefully overall the quizzes will be a challenge to anyone taking them. Oh, goes without saying but don’t use the rulebook to look up the answers. I want to test knowledge, not ability to research.

This is the final quiz! I’ve been impressed with the comments they’ve received and the amount of views they’re getting. This is something I’ll definitely do down the road again. Maybe do one for different codices or specialist stuff like Planetstrike. Anyway, below are all the previous quizzes.

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1) An infiltrating unit has to remain how far away from an enemy unit if it can be seen?

2) What must you roll to successfully use hit & run?

3) What does night vision/acute senses do?

4) What does skilled rider do?

5) Intact buildings use what general rules, IE: entering, exiting, firing out of, etc?

6) If a flamer is fired into a fire point of an intact building, how many models from the occupying building are hit?

7) Ruined buildings are treated as what type of terrain?

8) Can a blast weapon hit models on various levels of a ruin?

9) How much terrain is recommended for a game?

10) If a walker is taken as a troop choice, IE: Ork Deff Dread, does it count as a scoring unit?

11) On turn #3 what roll is needed for a unit to arrive from reserves?

12) Vehicles that deep strike count as having moved at what speed?


1) 18″

2) You need to pass an initiative test, so D6 at or under you initiative value

3) Allows you to re-roll the test to determine how far you can see when using night fighting

4) Allows you to re-roll dangerous terrain tests

5) They use the same rules as transport vehicles

6) D6

7) Area terrain

8) No, you must declare what level you are aiming for and can only hit the models on that level

9) 25% of the board

10) No, vehicles are never scoring units

11) 3+

12) Cruising speed


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  • loquacious

    9- 25% or more!

    That’s the only one I know.

  • Where is this rule from?

    “10) If a walker is taken as a troop choice, IE: Ork Deff Dread, does it count as a scoring unit?”

    • The rule stating it can be taken as a troop choice or whether or not it’s a scoring unit? Taking a Big Mek lets you field them as troops and pg. 90 in the rule book covers the fact it can’t be scoring.

  • Reserve roll for Turn 3 is a 3+

    • Doh, you’re correct. Thanks for catching that.

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