40K Zombies: A Rant

40K ZombieI have a few pet peeves (a few is putting it lightly), but foremost amongst those is the unthinking person. This applies to anything but I’m applying it to 40K today. The zombie is the type of person who reads things and takes it all at face value, never challenging the advice or truly understanding it. This person said doing X is the best way to accomplish Y, that’s what I’ll do! The zombie may be smart enough to understand the rationale behind the advice but they lack the mental capacity to take the advice and adapt it as needed. In general, they are unthinking individuals who play the game as a set of instructions and not as a game that tests the skill of two opponents.

That’s the thing that keeps me drawn into the game of 40K, the test of skill. I thoroughly enjoy trying to anticipate my opponent’s moves and punching holes in their strategy as they attempt the same. Breaking things down into their core components to try and make sense of why something works the way it does is something I find enjoyable. I understand not everyone finds all the same things fun, that’s life, you just have to be a thinking player and not a mindless sack of flesh.

This is one thing I’ve been trying to do with this blog, promote thought and discussion. If you’ve read any of my guides or tacticas you’ll see that I don’t push things onto you. I instead explain what I’ve found useful and why but I never claim anything as the end-all-be-all. I’d rather share my experiences and hope you find something of value in it, get you to think of something in a new way. There’s plenty of sites out there that will force feed you all the tactics, strategies and army lists you want. I’d rather be the one stimulating your cortex, not massaging your ego.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit self-serving. I’ve been trying to figure out a direction for this blog for a while now and I may finally have stumbled onto it from this short rant.

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