6th Edition

movementLukas here, that cheesy Necron guy. I’ve finally gotten back to writing. Obviously with the release of 6th it becomes a little difficult to talk “strategy” when it comes to Necrons. And that is one of the few things I dislike about this edition of rules. However, in my opinion it’s a very enjoyable rule set, a few minor issues here and there. But as a whole I think GW did a fair job (for once). Balancing the nuisance of vehicles (un-killable 66% of the time, unless ap1, then only 50% ) , making MC’s a little more impressive, the addition of challenges to weed out the staple Power Fist sergeant, etc etc. A lot of people complained about the addition of flyers, but I think it was a good thing. Granted it was done a little preemptively, and haphazardly (like their entire business). AA needed to be just a bit better, or Vendettas needed to be reduced in armor, or upped in points.

But anyway, I’m going to discuss my take on the rules, what strategies I find most useful.I’ve probably said it before, but I will say so again, positioning is the key to victory. Poor placement of units will almost always result in their misuse. Mobility can fix this, and it also plays a large role in determining value throughout a game. But if you don’t have to waste a turn using mobility to catch up, your army will get ahead. The issue is, 50% (or more) of the time you’ll have to re-position your army, and sometimes be forced to play at your opponent’s pace. When this happens you’ll need to do your best to first stabilize, clearing out any threats thrown at you if you’re dealing with a speedy army, or pressure when dealt with a more shooty one. If your opponent is allowed to pick their targets at will, they’ll pick the best ones (usually troops). Obviously this isn’t always true, but if you assume that it is, you can then try to beat it. Figure out what the right option is in order for your opponent to win, and then do what counters that.

I can’t give you a single strategy that will work every time, that’s impossible. There are too many possibilities and variables to consider. But if you focus on good positioning you’ll more ┬áthan likely come out on top. It is the single most important skill you need. That and good dice rolling. Anyway, there will be more to come from me. Especially in the back story department, the 40k story event we have setup has reawakened the fluff bunny in me. Battle reports will also be mixed in with the fluff.

  • Da Masta Cheef


    ” Vendettas needed to be reduced in armor, or upped in points.”

    Huh, that’s a curious statement from the ‘cheesy necron guy’. Especially as ‘Necron airforce SPAM’ lists are easily the most hated build in 40k right now.


    • In Luke’s defense, he does not play his Necrons very often these days because of how cheesy they are. Normally they get busted out for those ‘beat-face’ tournaments, not the day-to-day stuff.

      • Da Masta Cheef

        lol, I was just taking the obvious cheap shot. Locally, using flyers never really took off (so to speak). Though there’s plenty of them around here.

        • It’s all good. Luke deserves a few cheap shots anyway :)

          • Christian Hazzard

            thats what she said…

    • Lukas

      As long as they’re done in good humor I don’t mind them at all :b
      While Scythe spam issssss really gross. Vendettas are effing retarded! 130 for a 12 model capacity 12/12/10 flyer with bs3 and 3 twin linked las cannons? Like what. And they even state in the fluff of the vendetta that it was treated as a fast skimmer instead of a flyer Because of the extra armor added on (hence being av12 and having legit extra armor) plus I believe when it was an Apoc unit it had av11 (don’t quote me on this). So one would think that by becoming a flyer that it would lose said extra armor… nope!
      I will never deny how retarded scythes are. However the only reason vendettas aren’t as good is because they aren’t dedicated.

  • Ming

    LOL. It can be fun to get excited over a single unit, like a Vendetta, but you have to remember that the Vendetta is just a piece of a larger codex puzzle. Every codex out there is getting to follow a pattern – one really uber cool point efficient unit, one really cool character that is a must have, one really good ally pairing…for IG in this model, it is all about the Vendetta, Marbo, and GK or BA allies. For Necrons, you can probably make a similar fill in the blank statement. The Tau and new Eldar codex have the same construct model. The better way to think about it is every codex is designed around a particular style model the designer was aiming for. The codexes are not designed to be the same style of play.

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