Aside: A Bit of This and That

This month has been really slow on the blog. There has been a lot of personal stuff going on that has left me little time for hobby work, though I have managed some games despite no battle reports here. On that note.


I continue to struggle with my Khorne Daemonkin. Most of my games lately have been blow-outs. I show up at the table, put down models, and then pick them back up again. That’s really why you haven’t seen any reports. It’s not that I don’t write about losses, I just don’t care to write about one-sided games. That includes my game last week where I did win, but it was one-sided.

Anyway, I had noticed that the Chaos Knight Titan gets the Blood for the Blood God! rule when taken with a Mark of Khorne for Khorne Daemonkin. I do love the look of Knights, especially Chaos ones, and with it fitting into a KDK army easily now, why not try it? So, I tried it out last week and it went well. I do struggle with feeling like a douchebag having strength D on the table though. Not that my opponent minded, and I even told him ahead of time, it’s just me. That being said, it’s the way of 40K these days though so I suppose I should accept it seeing as everyone else has.


I’m still working on my Chaos Possessed, converting them. My sculpting has run into some roadblocks though. As I’ve said before, sculpting is something I enjoy doing, but I make no claims at being good at it. There have been a few things I’ve tried that have just flopped; mostly for lack of experience. I’m also running into a creative roadblock where I’m just not sure what I want to do half the time I work on the unit. Toss in the fact that I’ve worked on this unit for a while now, as I’ve had time anyway, and I’m just stalling out with the Possessed. I’m close to being done though. I feel I could do more with the unit, certainly could do better, but for my sanity I have a stopping point in mind. Even if they aren’t exactly what I envisioned, the Possessed will be more than suitable for the table, and I have learned a lot in the process.


As noted, with the lack of free time the blog has suffered. I don’t really like writing filler content just to have new content either. Life is returning to a new kind of normal, and that should include more hobby time, and more time to blog. I did have a new author join the ranks here, but I have not seen any drafts from him, so either he’s written me off or he’s just busy too. Either way, you should see some more content coming soon.

  • Sorry to hear things are throwing up for a loop lately man.

    Regarding the KDK, have you tried pricing he perfect setup you’d like to play with? Becauseit is starting to sound like you might want to try a different army.

    • Thanks.

      Nah. I’m still very much enjoying KDK despite having my teeth kicked in repeatedly. I have some purchases planned, I just have to follow through. I tend to sit and debate about purchases way more than I should. I just hate buying something and finding I really didn’t need it. However, there’s a few things I know will really help out, and not be a wasted purchase, so I have no excuses. Once I get some of these new purchases I expect things will begin improving.

      • Fingers crossed for you.

  • Berman

    I think the Khorne Knight is just what you will need. Gives a solid resilient unit that is a threat. The D really isn’t that big a deal being limited to melee as it is. I find that it only makes a difference fighting other Super Heavys/Gargantuans. It really makes very little difference against traditional units. The stomp is actually worse in those cases.

    • Agreed all around. I mentally lump stomp in with strength D, but I know they are technically different, despite both having a way to outright remove models from play.

      I also think the Knight is a great fit in a KDK army. KDK has very few tough models/units and the ones it has aren’t terribly hard to deal with. It gives the army something is lacks and needs, while now contributing to the army with the rule it needs.

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