A Word, and Looking for Some Reader Feedback as Well

Any long time frequenter of Creative Twilight will surely notice the very slow pace of articles for months now. That’s a bit by design and a bit subject to life.

The by design part is that I’m committing to creating quality content, and not just tossing up any and everything. I’ve talked about this previously, but basically I want this blog to be a resource for wargamers and hobby enthusiasts. So, I’m spending more time creating articles so they fulfill that goal.

Let me tell you, creating a painting tutorial takes a ton of time. Hell, I’ve spent hours and hours just taking good pictures and editing them, never mind the article itself.

It’s worth it though, and I’d rather put out on article every few weeks that I poured myself into than 10 off-the-cuff ones that have no real value to you.

To that end, I ask you, the readers, what it is you’d love to see done here? Is there a tutorial you’d like to see? A topic covered you’d like my opinion on? It’s no good creating a resource without some direction. So, if you can, please take a moment and let me know.

I would also like to say that I’m always looking for authors to join the team here. The pay sucks, but the hours are whatever you want them to be ;)

There’s no particular gaming system I’m after, or any particular type of content. I’m simply after people passionate about gaming and the hobby; that’s it.

Remember, you can always catch Creative Twilight on social media too. I’m always posting things I’m working on, even if there aren’t any new articles here.

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Benito Senence

I’ve definitely came away with some painting knowledge from your articles but I am not looking to get higher than table top quality, however I love articles of your feelings and experiences with your games. Your attitude reflects mine and I appreciate reading them. It’s like talking shop with you!


That reminds me, I have some painting basics I want to cover with tutorials. So, for people like you who aren’t aiming for show pieces but wanted nice models. Open to ideas there if you got any.

Thanks. It’s definitely nice chatting with people who share the same feelings on the hobby.

Benito Senence

A lot of table top painters are working with washes. A what’s best, what color to use for type, etc.
Maybe what a highlight will do after and/or using glazes. These things have helped with blending for table eye quality and although not as amazing as your hand blending technique it helps us made for gaming painters get it done 😉


Washes are definitely on my list to cover. Glazes are good too, hadn’t thought about those. I still use both of those things. Even I don’t want to spend 40 hours on one model ;)