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Affordable Advertising Options with Creative Twilight

I am currently accepting advertisers who are interested in placing an ad on the site. The criteria for ads is simple.

  1. Ads must be relevant to our audience. The readers of this blog are interested in wargaming (Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine, etc), and the hobby surrounding it (modeling, painting, sculpting, etc). I’m not interesting in placing an ad up for shampoo or car tires.
  2. The ad must be appropriate for all ages and not be vulgar. I will not accept ads that are not appropriate to show to children, as they also visit the site. I also will not allow ads that are vulgar or offensive.

That’s it.

Site Traffic

The big thing you’ll want to know is how much traffic Creative Twilight gets. Being a small blog in a niche market, currently the monthly average of visitors is 25,000. That is an average that continues to increase month after month.

Advertising Pricing

Currently, there are 3 places you can advertise on the site. All prices are listed monthly, however, if need be we can talk about advertising rates for less than a month.

That being said, the monthly price will be the cheapest option. Think of it as buying in bulk.

I will also try to update the below information to let you know what’s available or when something will become available. I only show one ad in each position, so you will always get maximum exposure in whatever placement you choose.

Before H2: 728 x 90 (Available)

Price: $35 a month

This spot shows up before the first H2 tag in any article, so at the top of any article. It is the most seen position of all the ad spots offered, and also the most clicked.

This ad spot must be a horizontal ad. A size of 728 x 90 looks the best, but a smaller ad can be shown instead as long as it’s horizontal and not vertical.

Middle of Article: 728 x 90 (Available)

Price: $30 a month

This position is shown in any article. As long as the article is long enough (almost all articles here are), then the ad will be placed in the middle of the article.

This ad gets seen the second most of any position and is also the 2nd most clicked on ad placement I offer.

This ad spot must be a horizontal ad. A size of 728 x 90 looks the best, but a smaller ad can be shown instead as long as it’s horizontal and not vertical.

Sidebar Top: 300 x 300 or 300 x 600 (Available)

Price: $20 a month

The top right position in the sidebar is shown everywhere on the site. It’s above the fold, so it gets seen a lot and generates a good amount of clicks.

However, on mobile devices the ad is less likely to be seen as it will be shifted underneath the content area as the screen width is reduced.

This is still a great placement though and is the first one seen for anyone using a tablet or PC.


If you would like to see a good example of the ad placements then check out this article. You will see all of the placements in that article and get a good idea of what it would look like with your ad.

Placing an Ad

If you are interested in running an ad with me, or getting more information, please use the form below.