What Is #communityhobby and How Do I Participate?

One of the things I (Thor) really enjoying doing is promoting the hobby community. There are so many awesome artists out there creating amazing things for the miniature wargaming community. A lot of those artists are sharing their work on social media. I know. It’s surprising, right?┬áSo, the goal of #communityhobby is to take the work you all are putting on social media and share it here.

How Does #communityhobby Work?

All you need to do to participate in #communityhobby is to share with us, on any of our social media profiles (links at the top right), your hobby work. It doesn’t matter what it is: miniature, terrain, or your hobby space, share it with us! It can be something you’re currently working on, or something you’ve completed. Any stage in the process is fine.

Just use the #communityhobby hashtag. I monitor for any new items using the #communityhobby tag.

I will collect all the great work you are all sharing, and create an article here to share with the rest of the world. It’s that simple.

You will be credited for your work with a link back to your social media profile. If you’d prefer to not have your profile linked then please let me know.

#communityhobby Directions

Why Share It with You?

You may be wondering, why share my work with you?┬áSimple; to reach a wider audience than you are with social media. Social media is great in the moment, and has a huge immediate reach, but it’s not so good at preserving what you’re sharing. Also, Google doesn’t really see your stuff all that great there. Websites, by contrast, are built to be around forever, the content is easily dug up and shared again, and Google loves it.

Technicalities aside, as I said, I enjoy promoting the hobby community. When I see something I really like, my first thought is to share it with others. I really just like showing off the awesome work of fellow hobbyists.

That’s All!

#communityhobby Is a really simple concept. It’s a series of articles showcasing the awesome work of the hobbyist community. Really, it’s an initiative to show more people the great work hobbyists are doing.

I hope you’ll share with us your work, and be sure to check out the work of others shared here.