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New authors are always in demand here at Creative Twilight. The more authors we have, the more diverse the blog becomes, and diversity is a great thing.

My Vision

Creative TwilightMy vision for this blog is to see it grow into something larger than me. I don’t want Creative Twilight to be Thor’s blog, but instead a collaboration of authors who play different games and are talented in various areas. I want the blog to become a tapestry of all things wargaming and to bring in readers from all walks of life.

This means I’m not looking for writers who play a particular game, or for people to write certain content. Everyone has their own unique view on things and that’s what I’m after. It doesn’t matter if you play a really popular wargame or a more obscure game that people hardly know about. Whether you’re a talented painter, have a gifted mind for strategy, or are a great fictional writer, whatever you have to share with the readers is of value.

Ultimately, I’m after people who are passionate about gaming and want to share that enthusiasm with the world. I’m not after clickbait news and rumors articles, but instead well-thought out articles that will stand the test of time.

Writing & Experience

I would love to see authors creating an article a week, but I also realize that’s not always possible – something I’m personally aware of.

There’s no set frequency I’m after here, just ideally more than one article every six months. Though I haven’t turned away an author yet for infrequent posting either.

You don’t need to be an English major either to join the team here – I’m sure not. However, I do want well-written articles that don’t require me to spend hours and hours editing because it’s full of spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors. That’s it!

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