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Level 40+ human, husband and father. Painter of toy soldiers, aspiring global icon and national treasure. Publisher of #theGoldenD6. Dreams of being the world's oldest Luchador.

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Teacher, modeller, painter, Wargamer mad about music and trying to fit all these in a tight 24hour schedule! Always trying to find more challenging and unique projects to get my teeth on!

Catch me on Home Of Cadaver blog for more!

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I have played 40k since models came in sleeved boxes. I now prefer to play other games such as Battlefleet gothic, AVP and 30k.

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Eternal Wargamer

Howdy wargamers and hobbyists. I have been playing tabletop miniature games since the late 80's with HeroQuest and Space Crusade, before progressing to Space Marine (Epic), and I haven't looked back since.

More of a narrative and casual gamer than highly competitive, I model, convert, paint, and play various games. Currently playing Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Kings of War, Frostgrave, Bolt Action, Warhammer Quest, Dropfleet Commander, Battlefleet Gothic, Necromunda, Man O' War & Blood Bowl!

Ask me anything about my gaming and hobby experience, and I will tell you no lies.

Thanks for reading.

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Wargaming fanatic, miniature painting enthusiast and occasional blogger. I'm just not particularly good at any of them...

I began playing Warhammer 40K back in the heady days of Rogue Trader, having been weaned on Space Crusade and Heroquest as nipper. After a brief 15 year hiatus, I returned to 40K which has been my main source of gaming delight, although I have dipped my toes far and wide over the years and regularly partake in games of Epic 40k, Bolt Action, AoS, X-Wing and Armada.

I currently play Space Marines (Dark Angles, Ultramarines and Legion of the Damned) and Tau, but occasionally flirt with Tyranids, Imperial Guard and the dark forces of Chaos. I am also a keen hobbyist and while not the best painter, I do try my hand at shoddy conversions and ropey scenery from time to time.

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Jack Shrapnel

I've been pushing little plastic people around the tabletop since 2004 and have long since sacrificed my disposable income to the Games Workshop Gods. I readily admit that I am completely addicted to 40k and Age of Sigmar (and WHFB before that).

I currently collect Sylvaneth, Ogors, Beastclaw raiders, Daughters of Khaine, Tyranids, Chaos Daemons, Chaos Marines, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Necrons, Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar (I have a bit of a problem!)

I'm a converter of anything that strikes my ADD addled mind therefore my Imperial guard are Star Wars, my Blood Angels are Angry Marines and my Ultramarines are quite understandably Smurfs.

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J. D. Brink is a Naval officer, nurse, writer, and family man who wishes he had more time for hobbying. His dream is to one day spend all his time making up stories and painting miniatures.

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Jerry Mandering

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Joe Baird

I design hardware, write firmware, paint miniatures, and am teaching other engineers how to improve their career.

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I've been playing Warhammer 40k since 1991. You'd think I would have learned something by now!

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Knight of Infinite Resignation

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I love painting miniatures and playing Warhammer Underworlds and Blood Bowl. Also, I love teaching, so you'll find that I write a lot of tutorials here.

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