Ads: Yes, I’ve Done it Again

Project WonderfulLove them or hate them most of us bloggers who are paying for our blog, be it web hosting or some other financial investment regarding our site, at some point consider putting ads on our site. This is no less than the third time I’ve given this a shot. The first time only a few of you knew about the blog and so it never panned out. The second time was relatively recently and it honestly didn’t work out too badly but I was, I guess, morally annoyed by putting ads up. This time, we’ll see I guess. The big difference this time is I’m not using Google Adsense, I’m trying out Project Wonderful. I plan to do a review of the service in time as it promises to be a much better platform for a niche blog about 40K.

The main reason I put them back on is, like most everyone in my boat, in hopes of gleaming enough pennies here and there to start covering my web hosting. See, the cool thing about this blog becoming more known is that more of you visit, which is awesome. The downside, there always is one, is that I am allotted a certain amount of bandwidth every month and this past month I came close to exceeding it. I run more than just this blog off my hosting account. I also run Command Center, my guild’s forums, forums for my FLGS and another small forum for me and a few friends. It all eats away at the bandwidth but none nearly as much as this blog. I already upgraded my hosting plan recently and it seems I may be reaching another milestone where I need to upgrade again, hence the ads.

Anyway, I’m hoping where I placed them is not too intrusive, works well enough in the site’s design and that they’re relevant, at least more so than those from Google.

  • I am not seeing any ads. Where are they supposed to be?

    • You should see one very top right of the site, one right of this comment area and one below this comment area. Do you maybe disable ads with your browser or have javascript turned off?

    • I just changed my ad rendering code so it should still display ads to those with disabled javascript. Should ensure they’re seen.

      • Ad-block+ with Firefox, had to disable it to see the ads.

        • Ah yes, that will do it.

  • Tristan M

    I had project wonderful added for months, nobody even wanted free ad space :

    • I really can’t complain then. In the space of a few hours I already snagged some paying advertisers. Of course it’s pennies but it beats nothing.

      I guess it depends on how you’re identifying yourself on Project Wonderful with your ad space. Meaning, using tags to describe your space that people will likely search for when seeking a publisher to place an ad on. Also, the category you put your ad space into. If I was found so quickly it can only be because of those things as I didn’t have any previous traffic to entice them with.

      • Tristan M

        if you would email me some suggestions that would be appreciated! 

        • This is how I have my ad boxes set up. I have them in the games & gaming category. I use these as the tags to describe the ad box space: 40k dice fantasy games gaming hobby miniatures painting scifi sculpting tabletop wargaming warhammer.

          I bet if you tried it again you’d get some advertisers. I’d be surprised if you didn’t.

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