April Tournament: Which Army…

Tournament ConundrumNext month my FLGS is hosting a large tournament with 34 players. It’s a hobby oriented event and so scores for comp, painting and sportsmanship will be given. I’m trying to decide which army to bring. I’m debating between two.

Fate’s Angels, my Space Marines. They are my most played army to date. In the fall I set them aside to focus on my Chaos Marines. I still thoroughly enjoy the army and it’s a well painted army too. They haven’t seen the table for a few months but I’ve no doubt I can play them well at the tournament despite that. The collection is pretty large and so choosing a force that will meet the comp and score well, aiming for perfect actually, is simple.

Sun’z Killaz, my Orks. These poor green skinned bastards have seen one game in the past year. Long story short, it was just too hard to stay competitive with them in the current environment. They’re still a passion of mine for fluff and such though. I’m debating them because, like my Marines, I have a large collection for them so building a list is easy. The tricky part is building a list that comps out well. I’m a Speed Freek player and that means lots of transports and in the comp system I’d take a hit for that. It would actually be a pretty big hit. Now, the judges make the ultimate call on the dings. If they fell the list is fluffy and such then they may reduce the hit or maybe even eliminate it. However, do I want to take that risk?

So there’s my conundrum. I’d enjoy fielding my Orks again in an environment like this, something more fluffy, but comp could bite me in the ass and I already know I’ll be struggling on the tables with them so I’ll be fighting for every point I get. My Marines though are a safe bet. Easy to meet comp with a list that’s balanced and capable.

  • One vote for Marines.

    •  So far it’s 1 and 1!

  • Sean Squires

    Always bet on Green!

    •  Green iz best! Well, sometimes ;)

  • ming from b&c

    Don’t worry about comp.  Do what wins by higher point margins.

    • therhino

      that’s the attitude we’re trying to foster for these events!  WTG!  :P

      •  You know that Ming guy, he’s a power gamer ;)

    • That would be a direction for sure but with comp weighing so heavy for next month it simply can’t be disregarded. By far battle points is the single highest weighted category but right below that is comp. It’s not like The Standoff where comp was a joke in your overall standing. Aiming low on comp to win in battle points means my only shot for the day is best general. I’m honest with myself, best general is a long shot even if I disregarded comp. My best bet is to run soft scores high and hope for a reasonable day on the tables to try for best overall or people’s champion.

  • hippie

    I look at it like this:  I pay 25$ and get free lunch, dice, and objective markers.  I also have a chance to win something and also a chance at a painting trophy.   The Best part is getting to play 3 good games and checking out all the awesome armies. 
    The army you are most passionate about is the one you should play period.  With the comp system in play I truly feel it will be more about the “best General” instead of the best Codex. 
    Remember you don’t have to enter the army you are playing into the painting competition.

    • While I do agree it’s also hard to set aside the competitiveness too. The army I’m most passionate about at this point is Chaos and I won’t have them fully painted by then. So, I’m stuck deciding between my old time favorite army, Orks, and a more recent army I enjoy, Marines. The competitiveness leave me pondering the choice. I’m going to have fun and all that, don’t get me wrong, but I also don’t want to shoot myself in the foot for the day either.

      • hippie

        Null zone Libby Blah blah blah, or ‘Ere we come to Krump you.  Easy choice for me.

        • You’re just bitter ;)

          Honestly, if I go with my Marines I plan to do something more fun. Aim for a perfect comp, do something fluffy and different.

  • Ajg6116

    You should bring your orks I think you can stay competitive with them against most armies just about as competitive as vanilla marines can be in my opinion. I struggle to beat them with my marines all the time

    •  I agree.  Orks have their weaknesses but some good strengths as well.  Just stay away from those cookie cutter ram-plank trukks of yours.  I think a couple of wrekkin balls would add some rarely seen ork flavor for comp while also getting a little boost against enemy mech-spam.  Maybe mix up rokkits and big shootas too. 

      • haha, cookie cutter? I’m the only one who uses them! How’s that cookie cutter? :P For the points they’re worth it. The wreckin’ ball I’d put on something like a Wagon but a Trukk…

        •  By cookie cutter, I mean within your list.  Maybe swap a plank for a ball for variety.  You could add stikkbomb launchers to the trukk carrying your ‘ard boyz.

          As you mentioned (below) Speed Freeks are a bit hit or miss and pretty rarely seen as overpowered.  I think that in a Speed Freek list the omnipresent transport would be seen by the judges as more fluffy enough to not cost you comp points.  Adding variation to their upgrades would help keep them looking orkishly rag tag rather than standardized and maximized for efficiency.

          •  Fair enough.

    • Horde Orks are competitive for sure, even hybrid. Speed Freeks are a bit of a glass cannon…usually more glass than cannon.

  • BenitoSenence

    I vote Orks, there seems to be little love for the green guys! Do something different, besides after all that close combat you’ll be drooling to do some bashin Ed’s but with a 3+ armor save when you go back to chaos. 8)

    •  Does seem the greenskins are the more popular vote.

    • khorneinquisitor

      I say Orks. It is a rare thing to not see the standard battle-wagon with nobz and gaz/war boss, Kans, and big groups of foot boyz as the core of every ork army. With your speed freaks it’ll be a nice change of pace for Orks at the shop.

      • I’m likely going to do Orks. I put up a draft list on Command Center for review. It’s fluffy, it’s themed and it’s not a power gaming/net-list. It also means I have to get 2 conversions done I’ve been putting off for a year…

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